Radar Display


I am trying to build an radar display using opengl with QT. I have see one of the post by Brad Howes in which he has display the an screen shot of the radar display.

Q 1. What kind of background color code combination being used ? I am trying to use glClearColor(0.2,0.0,0.7,1.0)
yet no success.

Q 2. What is the formula for dividing/creating an vertical line with small no of markers ?

Below is the screen shot from Brad Howes Post

Your image will not be added as you are a new member. I assume you want a circular radar image in which case the lines will be just the formula for a point on the circle to the centre of the circle. The colour is completely up to you - whatever you think looks good. It is also possible to do all of this with a bitmap image of the radar that you rotate through 360 degree.