Radar Display

Hi ,
I have started developing my Application for Radar display and as suggested, I have gathered some info abt FBO as well.
Now I have a doubt. I want to draw a Circle, a pointer rotating along the circle and some info inside the Circle which may be some clouds or some Big dotts.
What I understand is I can create Circle and the pointer which roates on every timer expiry. And the cloud info if I draw every time then it would be bit slower and flicker. Now I draw the cloud info as Texture, how this updated texture will be refreshed on the screen at evry timer expiry.
As i am very new to OpenGL please help me in this.
Do you have any sample code or refernce which can help me in achiveing my objective, then please send.

Thanking in Advance.

If you search in this very forum you will find that this subject, almost exactly as you describe, has been discussed in quite some detail for another poster not so long ago.

Is this a college / school project?

Update : Here is the link : http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/…true#Post256376

First thing I got after typing ‘radar’ into Search at the top right.

Oh, and it was you asking the question then too! :slight_smile:
It would be a lot better had you continued the last thread for continuity, but in any case really the same advice that I gave there still applies here. Very few (if any) people here have the time to write code, or give you code, specific to your personal needs. Working through examples from sources such as NeHe for related subjects and applying what you learn there to your problem is still good advice, and is your best bet.

Once you’ve worked your way through these problems you will have learned about these aspects of OpenGL rather than simply copy pasting other people’s code.