Questions on Opengl Window

Hello. I’m so glad I found this site.
I have a basic understanding of opengl, although I have tried at it a good few years in the past. I have done a lot of reading on using it.
I think back then a few things had caused me to abandon it.

One of those is the window.
I didn’t like that it started with a white background before switching to the user defined color. That looked terrible to me.
I also noticed that on resizing the window, the back buffer’s background color can be seen briefly.
I was wondering if it’s possible to make the back buffer’s background color the same as the front, so that it would not look so bad when switching or resizing the window.
Is that doable?

That wouldn’t fix the initialization, but I was thinking of how that problem might be resolved.
I think it’s possible to change the window’s frame and bar, etc., using win32 api (did I get that right). I used pinvoke before, with C#, but I never got into changing the window’s appearance.

Are there any simple tutorials that can show me how to use a custom style for my window? I searched, but haven’t found any good ones.

The issues that you’re having aren’t OpenGL problems but rather Windows GUI display system problems that you can solve.

Search the net for docs and tutorials on the Windows GDI for more details.

Perhaps useful to you:

Oh, cool.
So can I use the win32 apps to start, and still use opengl?

Also, is there an api reference manual for using python?
I only find c++, and I would like to use python for one of my projects.

Any toolkit which runs on Windows will be using the Win32 API. If you want to learn how to use OpenGL without an OpenGL-specific toolkit (e.g. GLUT, GLFW), just look at the source code for one of those toolkits. Also the wiki page for context creation.

PyOpenGL documentation.

Thanks very much guys.
These links are very helpful. They appear to be what I was looking for.
Thanks again.

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