What APIs shall I use if I want to integrate OpenGL on MacOSX with C++(darwin) and not use glu.

Can I use COCOA with C++ (darwin)?

What window classes can i use to work with non full screen (windowed) opengl.

Any examples…

just started integration of Gizmo3D on MAC

I think I saw some cocoa demos with opengl at the apple os x dev site.

Now i have found a lot of APIs to use but which one is for what purpose best

AGL Framework ?

CGL/OpenGL frameWork


I want to program in MacOSX only environment and C++

Hey !

Nobody knows the difference between AGL and CGL ??

What does AGL framework add to CGL in the OpenGL framework ???

please !!

CGL is the core OpenGL layer for Mac OS X. Everything else is implemented on top of it. It can only (easily) handle fullscreen contexts.

AGL is the Carbon window-oriented front end to CGL. AGL also works on Mac OS 9 (though is not a layer on CGL there of course).

NSGL is the Cocoa window-oriented front end to CGL.

So the conclusion is then to use AGL if I want to integrate with some kind of windows. E.g. making a child window with OpenGL support to an existing parent window ?

Are the window handles the same in Cocoa as in Carbon

Use NSGL if you want to use Cocoa & windows, use AGL if you want to use Carbon & windows.

Cocoa and Carbon windows are not compatible. It is possible to create a Cocoa window object from a Carbon window object (so both refer to the same window on screen); I don’t know if it’s possible to go the other way.

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