How much is the OpenGL? And, how do I get to learn how to use it? I mean… where do I get to learn the coding? How about anyone of you? Learn in university or learn it by yourself. I am a Java programmer and I was wondering is the coding similar (I mean quite similar)?

OpenGL does not cost, unless if you want to buy an OpenGL book, but if you want to program OpenGL I would prefer you either learn C or C++ first. To learn OpenGL, use the red book.

Red Book -

  • VC6-OGL is good site, you will most likely want to learn how to program in c++ as well.

Oh… does that mean that OpenGL is quite similar to C++? And… do we need to write a huge amount of code in order to draw a human’s head or do we need to draw by ourself? And… is it difficult to use OpenGL?

It can be difficult if you try drawing a human head, but I prefer you create one using Discreet|3DS MAX, .3ds. It will get tough when trying to load an animation and all the polygons and texturing, but you shouldn’t worry about that for a little while. It may take you a while to learn OpenGL.

  • VC6-OGL

C++ is the best language realy to use OpenGL with, just from the stand point of all you have to do to use it is include the .lib and .h files and your ready to go from a linking aspect. Plus its fast

Oh… does that means that all OpenGL do is to draw and the rest of the code is implemented in C or C++?

OpenGL isn’t a language, it is an API. An API is basically a defined set of functions to perform specific tasks. The API for OpenGL has been implemented in several languages, but the most commonly used one is C (which can also be used in C++ programs).