Question on texture


I need some helpabout extracting vertices from an image. I have extracted the boundaries of animage from adobe photoshop as shown in the figure. I pasted it on a XZ planeABCD as texture. Now I need to extract vertices ( for example, v1, v2 etc.) ofthe boundaries at different positions. How could that be done. Could any onegive me some suggestions? Can I convert the boundaries to a set of connected straightlines?

This is not a very practical thing to do since the quality of you original image heavily effects toresult. If you just want horizontal or vertical lines the easy way if to read each pixel in a column or row untill you find the black pixel. It is basically a veriation of the old pixel fill routines you used before graphics processors where invented.

I don’t know whether any method available to convert image boundaries to a polygon connected with a set of straight lines. I am not sure about MATLAB. But I would prefer to implement using OpenGL as I need to use the polygon for further processing using OpenGL. Could any one give me some suggestion. I urgently need this information.