question about texture shaders


Can I use shader stage output as input for the dependent AR\GB texturing on the next stages more than once ?

tex0: texture 2d
tex1: dependent AR, input tex0
tex2: dependent GB, input tex0

I did not find answer in the spec and in the GDC paper, maybe I’m blind.

Of course, you can say why not to try it yourself ? I don’t have GeForce3 yet. I’m going to bay it in the near future, currently I’m thinking about things I can do using GeForce3.


first, i dont know, but i think it should be possible…

second, download nvtweak or however called it is… one mom, have to look… this, and go to betha, there enable nv20emulator, then you can play with your new won gf3, and yeah, textureshaders in software is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery fast ( ironical… ) but you can use it to see if it works…

davepermen,( Dave ?)
Thank you for your advice.
I know about nv20 emulation, but sw emulation is not a real GeForce3. Have you ever tried to do something with texture shaders using GeForce 256 / GeForce 2 ?
It is really painfull and annoying to wait for the result for a 30 secs.(at least)(with lots of passes).
Btw I didn’t say that I had gf1/gf2, What if I have Radeon.


if you have a radeon, youre very ****ed off for this contest, arent you?

btw, its not sooo slow, the texshader, you get bout 1fps if you run at small resolution, so it could be more worse…

yeah, michail, dave is correct ( or david… but dave is ok… tenzel is ok, too… grmbl… )

hm… i havent tried myself yet, but i have the nvsdk, and there are much demos with it and they run so far so ok… the hwshadowmap is the slowest, but this is caused by fillratio… very much pixels processed in software…

if you really have a radeon…hm how could we help you then? perhaps best would be checking if in a shop round you they have a pc with gf3 ( cause they have gf3 yet ) and you can try there… would be nice wouldn’t it? you can say, if you win, you take the gf3 you won, else you buy one from them, and they surely let you do it

no, i really dont know what to do… perhaps someone from nvidia knows something… like a softwaredriver at all… would be nice, too… or try dx8, thus you could use they have a softwarerenderer ( a ****ing slow one… but anyways… )

Yes, you can do that.

  • Matt