question about light

Hi !
I use a OpenGL light as a spot light in my application. But the circular edge is not sharp .Who can give my some ideas?


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Lighting is calculated per vertex, and the color is interpolated between the vertices, while you think it’s calculated per pixel.

you can reduce the size of your quads to achieve a better visual effect (slows down the rendering of course)

you should also play around with the EXPONENT and CUTOFF parameters of your spotlight which could increase the overall look of your light

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Oh,Thanks! Now I know something about OpenGL light.
I want to implement a headlight in a scene in which ambience light can be changed. And there are lots of spot light sources(such as streetlight) in the scene. Which is the best way to implement them(ambience light,streetlight,headlight)? Can you give me some advice ?

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Is the method to implement multi spotlight and changeable ambient light in a scene complex? Who can give me a direction about it? And where can I find some document about it?