Question about eglSwapBuffers under windows

Hi, is it possible that a call eglSwapBuffers will in some way allow windows to process messages? I ask this because in my event-based app i have a method called regularly by a timer (the method is called OnTimer()). In this method, i update the game engine and render a scene. What i absolutely want is to prevent other events to interrupt this methods, because i do not want that other methods add/remove objects to the scene while i am drawing it (and vice-versa).

Since my app is not multi-threaded, this should never happen. But it happens. Looking at the call stack trace with Visual Studio, i see that, in the method OnTimer(), at the end of the drawing i call eglSwapBuffers(). This procedure sometimes allow the system to dispatch messages to other windows, so that OnTimer() gets interrupted by other methods.

This is real not a big problem, since when eglSwapBuffers is called, th engine status is updated and the scene drawn, but i want to be sure that i am understanding this rightly.


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