Quake3 demo's problem

Hi,I am using a DELL inspiron2650, my OS is redhat8.0, and I download q3demo from id software’s website. I install the graphic card driver and q3demo, it run well. But when I quit the game and want run it again. Some problem is shown as the following:

------ sound initialization ------
/dev/dsp: Device or resourse busy
Received signal 11,exiting…

I restart the computer and nothing is changed, so I re-install the q3demo and it run well again. BUT there is no sound while running the game, and the problem above is still existed: I CAN PLAY THE GAME ONLY ONCE!



Try to run fuser -v /dev/dsp to see what process uses soundcard. I may be even quake3 you ran first time and hung. Try to run quake3 from terminal than on exit when it crashes just kill it.

The command fuser has also an option -k to kill processes that access specified file:

fuser -k /dev/dsp


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