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My engine supports md2 loading and animating, I’m trying to convert my engine to triangle strips and I got a question:
The vertices in the md2 format doesn’t seem to be organized in a way that you could easly find the triangle strips so I have to find all the connected vertices myself. Why isn’t it saved in the first place as triangle strips - does quake engine computes this every run also?

IIRC there is info about strips in the file . have a lok at the milkshake website for a md2 loader source code also one of mark kilguard’s demo’s on the nvidia site uses strips.
BTW not 100% sure about the accuracely of this but i know it is possible :O)

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You can generate strips out of any triangle
mesh with a fairly trivial (but slow)
algorithm and some careful coding.

Generating some “optimal” set of strips is
substantially (and I mean MUCH) harder.

Here’s the algorithm:

  1. un-mark all triangles
  2. pick an un-marked triangle and append it to a new strip; if there is none, goto 8.; make the new strip the current strip; make this triangle the current triangle
  3. mark the current triangle
  4. find the next un-marked triangle which shares the two last vertexes of the current triangle; if none, goto 7.
  5. make that next triangle the current triangle, and append its third vertex to the strip
  6. goto 3.
  7. remember the current strip; goto 2.
  8. congratulations, you’re done!

Also, you may need some re-ordering logic
for vertexes to find triangle matches in all
the places there are any (steps 4 & 5).
Remember to preserve winding order (and that
tristrips flip-flop the winding order
compared to the base triangles).

Ideally, because of the O(n2) nature of this
algorithm, you’d want to run this in a
“compiler” step, not while actually loading
the mesh. Perhaps you can cache the tristrip
version in some other file, and re-use that
when the user re-loads the same mesh?

Now, if someone has a good way of generating
bone & skin data out of an animated md2 mesh,
I’d be REALLY interested in hearing about
it :slight_smile:

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The triangles in Quake2 MD2 files are already in strip or fan order. You only need to convert the triangle fans to strips.

Are there any documents on Quake’s mod file format?