Quake IV OpenGL or DirectX ?

Hi. Doom III engine is based on OGL or DX. or
it will support both? Anyway it is interesting. Unreal II, Doom III and now Quake IV

john carmack has stated doom3 will use opengl ie no d3d, and thus i assume quake4 will also

And that is a very safe assumption. With the DOOM III engine having 6 renderer backends, it would be a pain to convert it to any other API.

HAH, I don’t think his Lordship Carmack will use DX any day soon. Nope. However, Doom3 wil be ported to the Xbox, where it will be ported to use D3D. But as you can imagine, id will not be doing the port. They will get someone else. So yes, Doom3 and Q4 will use GL, whilst Doom3 will be ported to D3D, and if Q4 gets ported to Xbox, it will obviously have to run on D3D as well. I reckon it’s stupid for MS to not have GL support on the Xbox.