Quake III Source

I downloaded the Quake III source and I looked threw it to find were there MD3 loading code is and I cannt find it. Does anyone know were it is?


It’s probably in the engine code, which is far from being released to the public. What you got is the game code, not the engine code.

Right. It’s only game code. If you want the engine code, you should download the Quake or the recently (relatively speaking) released Quake 2 full source code which includes everything you need.

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However both of those lack MD3 loading and rendering, which is what he is after.

You don’t need the quake 3 source to figure out the md3 format. There are TONS of tutorials/code samples on the net for this. One place that comes to mind is http://www.gametutorials.com



heh thanks. I used the tutorial from gametutorials.com but when I used it in my engine it didnt work.

Get the tools source , It loads almost all the q3 files.
(even big/little save code)


ok thanks ill try that