Quake 3 Curved Surfaces

Ok, i’m implementing curved surfaces in my 3D engine, and I’ve been using WorldCraft to make the levels which are saved off to the map file format. Now that Q3Radiant is out and has support for making curved surfaces, I was wondering if anyone knows what the format is for the curved surface defintion in the map file? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t know the format in the map file but I do know that they implemented quadratic beziers. I would imagine that it would be some order of the nine control points. Hope this helps.

Try flipcode.com they have a ton of file formats.
Thanks to the person from this board who originally told me about these guys.

fs http://fshana.tripod.com

Also, there’s a guy who made an engine called “Aftershock” that reads and renders Quake3 maps. I downloaded the source code, but I can’t remember from where. All I know is the guy’s name is Stephen Taylor (lazyX@home.com). Anyway, it has code for reading and rendering Quake3 Bezier patches, so if you could find it, it might help you

thanks for your help everyone!