Quad isn't rendering

I’ve learnt a bit of OpenGL using java. Now I’m trying to transition to C++. I’m trying to setup a window and render a quad, but its not showing up. I just get a black screen. I’m using an example from the OpenGL Superbible as a start.

Here is my code: http://pastebin.com/p8Qz7ANh

I’m pretty sure all the window setup stuff is working. If i change the glClearColor, the windows color changes.

glGetError gives me “invalid operation” on glColor4f and glBegin…glEnd if I’m using an opengl 3.3 rendering context. However there is no error if i use any version < 3.2. I’m not sure why. Either way, the quad isn’t being drawn.

I hope someone can see what’s wrong with it. Thanks.

Ok i figured out the problem.

  1. quads don’t seem to work with opengl 3.3
  2. im drawing the quads behind the camera lol…

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