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I am evaluating QT vs. wxWidgets… what do you have against Qt?
There are two things here… what do I have against Qt in general, and what do I have against Qt + OpenGL :slight_smile:

Against Qt in general, I don’t like the way they’ve hacked a level of dynamicity onto C++… basically, they chose the wrong language for the job. I also think there’s a fundamental flaw with the way that programatically changing the contents of a widget causes it to emit its “changed” signal normally sent for user actions.

For use with OpenGL, using QGLWidget approximately halves performance on the Mac, and has a seriously detrimental affect on Linux as well. Also, you don’t have fine-grained control over the pixel format, and setting up things like PBuffers is an exercise in hackery.

Thanks for your response. I had noticed the performance degrading on Win32 and found a way to get more frequent screen updates. I also just assumed I’d have to hack my own OpenGL class for both platforms to get the level of control over pixelformat selection (like using the multisampled pixel formats) I’m used to having.

I appreciate your critique of QT’s use of C++. My application has heavy GUI functional requirements, and doesn’t even really require a high frame rate (mostly static but interactive graphics). I’m hoping QT or wxWidgets at least has fewer memory leaks and other gottchas than MFC has :wink: I’ve been using MFC since the 16-bit days and it’s finally time for me to change (that plus I’m also going dual-platform).

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