Qt to OpenGL API transition help

Hello All,

I have worked on a Directx 11 with camera to a Directx9 WPF GUI video pipeline with shaders. So the API to API isn’t something new to me. What is new to me is both Qt and OpenGL on Linux. As with my old project, I have a camera as input and a GUI that is much more than just a display of the output of that camera. I want to do processing on the frames with shaders and encoders for streaming. So I can’t just let Qt using QML do it all, I need c++ access to do this right.

I have three choices in which the camera will draw to…

    void 	setViewfinder(QVideoWidget *viewfinder)
    void 	setViewfinder(QGraphicsVideoItem *viewfinder)
    void 	setViewfinder(QAbstractVideoSurface *surface)

From these three choices, I would like to know how can I move the video buffer from Qt to an OpenGL buffer of some type. On the GUI side, I have an QOpenGLWidget which will display my frames. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.


Yes, I have posted on qtcentre.org as well as forum.qt.io.