qt & openGL

Hello there,

I’ve got to write a small modelling programm. With it you should be able to read in a simple geometric object (a cube for example) out of a so called .off-File and display this data as a quadrilateral net, which somehow means, that the objects polygons are quads. One task is that be you should be able to redefine the object by pulling the quad’s vertices with the mousepointer. I have to implement this by using OpenGL for displaying object data and Trolltech’s ‘Qt’ for building a GUI-Framework.
I’m looking for some ‘OpenGL-Qt-Tutorials’, especially some which cover ‘eventhandling’ or
If this task sounds easy to you, then please, please help me, thanks.

Hi !

It’s pretty easy to do with Qt, but I suggest that you have a look at the Qt web site http://www.trolltech.com click on “Developer” and you will find links to lot’s of Qt applications and some of these are using OpenGL, but as long as you know OpenGL is very easy, have a look at the documentation for signals and slots, once you figure out how they work it’s a walk in the park.