[Q] Some questions about OpenGL Performer

In these days, I am learning how to use OpenGL performer.

While I read the programming guide, there were some words I couldn’t identify their meaning, the pipe and channels.

The guide says channel is the same as the viewport. Does it mean the viewport which is defined by glViewport(…) in OpenGL library ?

 Somebody said that the pipe is the same as video adapter (such as FireGL). Is it right ?


a pipe is resource, for example a gpu. but a pipe is not only a hardware resource.
in performer, a pipe is:

  • a collection of process (app cull draw)
  • a rendering context
  • some buffers (color buffer, depth buffer, …)

a channel is an entry on the pipe. you can use a pipe through a channel.

I used Performer several years ago. They had a mailing list which was the best communication channel on Performer at that time. You may want to subscribe it too.