[Q] Can I draw pixels which is obtained from a camera in OpenGL space, in real time?

I wonder whether I can draw pixels obtained from the camera in real time …

I can get the camera image in real time and can display on x-window (not OpenGL space) .

I saw an example playing AVI file in NeHe site. But I can’t use that code, because I have to implement it on linux environment.

What method can I use to implement this ?

Some movie players for linux can be used with OpenGL so it should be easy to check the speed. OpenGL is probably not the fastest alternative. Here is a page if you are looking for a player http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/

If you know hot to get the camera image should it be easy to use them as textures in the same way as in the NeHe tutorial. I think that he used some asm but you can set the color format parameter instead. Xlib graphics can also be mixed with OpenGL.

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