Push Pop Matrix troubles

I am trying to rotate a player model in by 90 degrees

I do this in a pre and post render event

Apparently I cant post any sort of link and the word filter doesn’t like something in my code
here is a pastebin ID fd9rz9SA if you put that at the tail end of the pastebin url it should pull it up

Problem is now when a spectator views the playor being affected, the affected player is moving all backwards in relation to the spectator.

The site wont let me post a video link so if you search 2s7U4C_JJ24 in youtube you can find a video of the problem. Affected player is on the left and the spectator is on the right.

What can I add to the pre render event to counteract the odd movement on the spectator side. I can check if the client is spectator or affected so I just need to know how to translate the push matrix to look normal for the spectators.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,