Push Descriptor and command buffer problems on Android

Yeah… I’m using Push Descriptors because it’s the “easy button”. :slight_smile:

On the PC, I can record multiple game objects in the same command buffer, each using push descriptors without a problem. The same code compiled for Android doesn’t work unless I use a command buffer per game object. Not sure what to think of this other then Android version of Vulkan is still a work in progress.

Are you verifying that you’re getting a Vulkan 1.1 implementation?

I’m sure I’m not. When I try to run my app on Android specifying version 1.1, it errors when creating the instance saying “Vulkan Incompatible Driver!”.

My Samsung Galaxy 7S Edge phone is up-to-date and running Oreo 8. In doing some research, Vulkan 1.1 will be available on “Android P”. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the update.

It’s good to know this problem might go away one I get the update.