Pseudo Code Particle tutorial

Does anyone here want a tutorial explaining how to do a particle engine in a proper 3d enviorment, not the controled rigid enviorment of Trents tutorial.

Problems I’ve found with trents tutorials:

One, depthtest is disabled, hence the particles will overwrite anything drawn before them regardless of depth.

Two, As it stands I havn’t seen any particle tutorial that explain how to face the particles towards the camera, except one by Nate. Although Trent says his next tutorial will solve this, from the explanation hes given me it won’t work for gluLookAt, but its not fair to judge before its written. Nates method, which is the best I’ve seen available so far works regardless of what method you use to position the camera (very important). I have a different method, as effictive as this, but faster.

Third, maybe this isn’t important to ye, but whith my method you can render the particles through display lists. In fact seen as my method doesn’t require any maths to be profarmed on the object to be rendered you can make them as complicated as you want. No other method that I know of allows this.

The reason why I post this as a questions is that I haven’t written the tutorial yet. You see I posted this method before, as well as offering it Trent but I’ve always been shot down. That doen’t bother me, I don’t need recognition, but I do now know that there must be some people out there who need a particle engine but who cannot overcome the short comings of those already on offer.

If its wanted I’ll have it written in at least two days, the finaly code is actually quite small, very important for large particle engines.

One problem though, I don’t write in C so I’ll write the tutorial in pseudo code but any source will be in MASM.