Project OpenGL - mountain ride

Hello people,

My buddy and I have problems with a little project.
We want to ride by a bicycle on a mountain, represented by a cone. This sequence takes place on an area which is covered with a texture.
The result should be a hemispherical (sky), on whose surface area (grass) several mountains, and a street and buildings are indicated and riding by a bicycle on a mountain.
In addition to that, the perspective is controlled by the mouse and the speed of the cyclist is controlled by 2 buttons.

We do not have much experience with OpenGL. Our program is relatively primitive and programmed with Visual Studio 2008.

Our main problem is that the mountains are not displayed correctly, but somehow in the room.
Furthermore, we try to display the background with a texture, which is also not worked very well.
Another small problem concern the interrogation of two keys and the associated change in velocity.

To represent our problem better, we have appended the project folder at the following link. So you can watch the project. 20Projekt

We would appreciate some advice.

Best regards

Did you really have no suggestions. We have no ideas to solve our problem.

We need your help!

Well the url to your source code contains spaces, so I guess nobody can actually access it to take a look and thus, nobody can help you.

at Roter_Fuchs:

Thanks for the comment!

We don’t know why the url doesn’t work.
Here are an other link:

So I hope you can help us now.

We would be very grateful.

Best regards