Project About Curve Bezier

I want to learn draw bezier. if you will have code about bezier please send me .

probably some code on nehe other wise try google (shock! thats a good idea). Basically pick your curve end points and cntrl points, send them to openlg and it kindly does the fancy stuff for you

All the bezier code I have seen only draws good curves from 4 to 7 points. With 8 points it makes 2 smooth bezier curves but the middle has a sharp break, they are continous there but there derivitives aren’t. Anyone have good luch with many points?


Basically you can construct a long curve from a series of 4-point curves. Each 4-point curve consists of the endpoints and two control points that define the tangents at the endpoints. To make the curve smooth, just set the control points so that both subcurves have the same tangent there.


you could try derivative from Bezier curves that are B spliens, -beta-splines and so on.

some are more accurate for many control points (they are studied for matching btw 2 different portions).

hope this helps