procedural textures

hi there,
i just wanted to ask where i can get some cool info about proceduaral textures ,and what the pros and cons are…i’m doin quite fine with texturing from bmp’s and stuff but i heard that proc.t. are faster and more powerful…

you got wrong informations
procedural textures are not faster, since you have to calculate them.

but yes they are somehow powerful: it all depends on the time you got.
the more time you have to build them, the more complexity you can obtain.

go and buy “texturing and modeling: a procedural approach” by Ebert et al.

however, opengl does not offer a support for procedural texuring: you always have to upload the texture to it.


You can do things like fire or plasmas with procedural textures where you can’t use precalculated pictures (because of their large number).