Procedural Textures using splines for colour mapping

I’m trying to make a procedural flame texture using interpolated values from 3 splines. These splines will map RGBA colour values according to their arrangement. The first spline is basically an elongated semi-circle or an inverted u-shape around the origin from 0 to 180 degrees. The next two splines are the same shape but larger, indicating a progression. These splines will map their values to a texture, indicating the colour values for that texture, but I don’t know exactly how to do it?

Dunno if perfect realism is what u want or performance, but a flame effet is really really a more easy/fast thing to code.
Try some old sources from demoscene fro some samples, maybe also on cfxweb u can find some old code.


It’s not that easy, if you do it the old way then it becomes framerate dependent because you cannot easly adjust how much it will rise every frame. It believe you can do it better using the splines. It’s very easy to do if you can handle some kind of splines, if not try find some info about it on the net.