Probs loading fp

my first attempt with fp. :wink:
after glProgramStringARB(…) , glGetString(…) always returns “unexpected token”.
as it is a quite basic fp, i can’t see where’s the problem…
any idea?

static char testFpPrg[]={"!!ARBfp1.0
TEMP temp;
ATTRIB tex0 = fragment.texcoord[0];
ATTRIB col0 = fragment.color;
OUTPUT out = result.color;
TEX temp, tex0, texture[0], 2D;
MUL out, col0, temp; "};

VR_VOID initFragmentPrograms()
GLenum error;
const unsigned char *myError;


	error = glGetError();
	myError = glGetString(GL_PROGRAM_ERROR_STRING_ARB);
	if (error == GL_INVALID_OPERATION){
		myError = glGetString(GL_PROGRAM_ERROR_STRING_ARB);


when i need to use the fp ->

for the moment it does nothing. not loaded?

You forgot END
But I can’t see any other mistakes…
Try also moving TEMP after OUTPUT

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Thx Zengar that was it! :slight_smile:
Btw, did u know about a collection of FP prgs somewhere? lot’s of Cg but difficult to find pure ARBfp around…

Many of Humus’ OpenGL demos used ARB_fp. . .

Yep, he’s got a very good site indeed. :slight_smile:
Anyone has already got the good idea to code fixed functions into ARBfp? ;))