problems with voodoo

i am having very poor (~1fps) performance of my mini game on voodoo video card.
when i run game on any other card, game runs very smooth,
how i can fix this ? does anybody know why voodoo suffers such a big performace hit ?

Which Vaudoo card exactly is it ?
A long time ago, Vaudoo’s did not accelerate WIndowed 3D or 32bpp… And they never mixed well with OpenGL either.

VOODOO 1 8mb

it’s strange that Quake 3 and Quake 2 runs fine, but not my OpenGL app

As I recall, the Voodoo1 never had a full OpenGL driver. Quake engines generally came with a separate DLL that implemented the parts of OpenGL that they used. (I believe the technical term for these was mini drivers.)

You could try finding which DLL it is that Quake uses, rename it to OpenGL32.dll and put it in the same directory as your own application. I wouldn’t replace the OpenGL32.dll that is found in C:\windows\system32, though. Doing so could potentially cause problems with other OpenGL apps.

i had an old voodoo2 that had the same problem, mine used a version of glide for glquake i understand it was propierty, you may try to find a new driver for it that supports opengl, otherwise get a new video card, you could pick one up for under 50 dollars that is a lot better than your voodoo, or spend a 100 and get a real decent one

It is not worth it. I suggest you go to and pick up a geforce II mx for $30. It will give you decent support for opengl, and will not force you to learn propitary api for voodoo.

Voodoo is dead, move on people, please!

Yea, voodoo is dead, sorry but its true, G-Force bought it and killed it

Thanks for help,
yea i know, voodoo is dead