Problems with textures in a renderthread


i have the problem, that my textures arent working in a rederthread. The rest works fine but my globject ist always white if i want to map a texture on it. Before the thread starts it works fine but if the thread renders sth … problems.
the drawing of opengl objects is working fine, i have written a switchRC method for the thread and it works fine. Only textures doesn´t work.

Any ideas?

I hope anyone knows a solution.

PS: The programm is an MFC OpenGL application.

If you are using two different rendering contexts, you’ll need to use wglShareLists() to share texture objects between them.

You should also remember to wglMakeCurrent(0,0) after you’re done drawing, so that the context is “fully available” to the other thread, as a context can only be current in one thread at a time.

In general, it’s a bad idea to render to OpenGL from more than one thread. It forces the driver to do lots of (expensive) synchronization.


first thanks a lot. I will try your suggestions. I render only from one thread but this thread can be stopped and resumed. Why I do this is a long story an its sunday morning and i dont want to tell a boring story ;o)