problems with RTCW amd XP

I am trying to run RTCW with XP but keep receiving the message failed to OpenGL subsystem.I have downloaded GLsetup but it doesn’t work with XP.What other downloads do I need.

I think you’re posting on the wrong forum…
This one is for developers only, and this one is for end-users.

Anyway, could you give some more information about your system?
(3D card, driver version, chipset, agp driver, etc.)

If you’ve got a NVIDIA card (TnT, GeForce), go to and d/l the newest Detonator drivers for XP.
If you’ve got a ATi card (Radeon), go to and d/l the newest drivers.
If you’ve got a PowerVR card (Kyro), go to for the newest drivers.

also that question was answered in that forum very recently check the archives