Problems with OpenXR via UE4.27

Hello, I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to configure my project for OpenXR. Specifically which plugins to enable and which to disable. I released a VR game in early access last month and since then I’ve been stuck in an endless quagmire of trying to fix problems that people are having just running the game.

As I understand it, I’m meant to disable all the UE4 (4.27) VR plugins except OpenXR and the Morden VRE expansion plugins?

The problem with doing this is that in the shipping build, launching from the Steam Library the VR never kicks in. It just stays stuck with a static camera. SteamVR is set as default OpenXR runtime. The only way I can get it to work is if I enable the SteamVR plugin in Unreal and package it again. But then that causes problems for Oculus users where SteamVR insists on booting itself up and over-riding the Oculus runtime even when Oculus is running and set as the Default OpenXR Runtime. The only way around that seems to be renaming the SteamVR folder - which of course isn’t ideal and not something I should need to be advising players to have to do in order to play the game.

Any help would be hugely appreciated because this is really holding up the entire game development and becoming a huge source of stress.

This seems like an Unreal Engine problem, I’ll see if I can get some eyes on it.

What’s the title of the game? It’s probably easiest for us to run it locally and see what might be going on.

That would be brilliant, thanks. Is there a way I can send you some Steam keys privately? The game is called Beasts Shall Rise. In the Community discussions you can get a good idea of the various problems users are having and the solutions tried. Unfortunately these solutions (renaming the SteamVR folder) are very hacky to say the least. I’ve now had to re-enable the SteamVR and OculusXR plugins as well as OpenXR to minimise the issues people are encountering with OpenXR. There seems to be a lot of problems with UE4.27 (RTX especially) so I’m currently trying to move over to UE5.1.