Problems with Mouse


Does anyone know how to set the mouse
to some Cordinates in Windows ?
I have a FPS View and when then mouse
gets to a border I cannt move.
I think i should set the mouse every frame
to the center and get the differents to move the camera.


Maybe you should look at DirectInput and “acquire” the mouse. It will solve your problem. (thats what many programs do, I think)

hope it helps

Check out GLFW 2.0 (prerelease):

With it you can glfwDisable( GLFW_MOUSE_CURSOR ), which hides the mouse cursor, and automatically does what you described (center it to the window every frame). I think that you will find GLFW very useful for many other things too…


Thank you for your help.
I found a Function
(SetCursorPos ) that totallay matchs.