problems with glPoitSize


since I updated my Linux to Fedora core 6.0 there is no influence of glPointSize() fuinction in my OpenGL application. The points seem to have always the size of one pixel, although I specify glPointSize(5.0) It also does not matter whether or not I use Lists.
glLineWidth() contrary works properly. :confused:
I have x86_64-bit Fedora core 6.0. With older cores everything was fine.

What might be wrong? How can I check which OpenGL version I currently have?

Thanks in advance

$glxinfo | grep version

If you want to see all details un your implementation, use:

$glxinfo | more

Relying to myself :slight_smile:
It works only if I enable POINT_SMOOTH, i.e.


still don’t understand what is the reason, but might be useful for someone facing similar problem