Problems with clearing the color buffer


I’ve got a problem with clearing the color buffer. That line:


should, IMO, result with black (or other - depending from how did I set glClearColor) window. But I always gain a window in the color of the sea - even, when I put the following line before glClear:


I don’t know what could it be :confused: . It works inproperly only on my machine. I work on AMD Athlon 2000 with GeForce 2 MX. I use Windows 98.

Problem solved :slight_smile: . It was only my stupidility, which made me to clear the depth buffer and color buffer simultaneously with something like that:


When I replaced and with or, everything worked fine.

I think I won’t delete this topic - it will serve as memoriam :slight_smile: . But if somebody could move it to the beginners group…

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