Problems with Borland 5.0


I’m building an OpenGL-project with Borland C++ 5.0 using WGL/GLU and am having problems with several functions. For example, glGenTextures and glBindTexture result in unresolved external references.
Am I missing a library?


If you link to opengl32.lib and friends and still got this could the reason be that you have version 1.0. I am pretty sure that Borland C++ 5.0 comes with 1.1 so this is strange.

Here is a page that shows how to update the libs:

That makes sense, especially since vertex array functions are missing as well (just tried that).
On the computer I’m trying to compile on, I’m using the standard MS software implementation (yeah yeah I know…) which should be at least halfways 1.1 compliant, shouldn’t it?
Where can I download the correct opengl32.lib to see if it’s different from mine?

Thanks for the help!

Darn… if I could read right I would have seen the link you put in yours, too.