Problems using texture objects


I just started fooling around with texure mapping yesterday following the directions in the Superbible, and I had no problem implementing a function to read in .bmp’s, define them as the current texture, and then drawing a texture mapped object.

However when I attempted to use texture objects so as not to have to constantly redefine the current texture I can’t get the textures to work.

I know that my .bmp loading and texture object generating functions work because I plopped them into the example code given with the superbible and it still worked, which means that I am properly generating a texture object.

If that’s the case then all I should have to do is call

glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture[0]);

and then render away, but it’s not working.

I don’t create my texture objects until after window creation so I have on clue why they won’t work rendering for me but they will in Micheal Sweet’s code.

thanks in advance for all your help,

Maybe this can help clarify things, this is how I create the texture object in my init():

metalTexture = textureLoad(“metal07.bmp”, 0, GL_REPEAT, GL_REPEAT, GL_LINEAR);

textureLoad is very similar to the function on page 283 of the SuperBible.

this is my rendering function:

/* Clear the color and depth buffers */

glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, metalTexture);

if(glIsTexture(metalTexture) )
printf("Is a texture object
printf("Isn’t a texture

…Some calls to render objects

The glIsTexture() returns true, so it is a texture object, so what am I missing in the rendering setup?


Okay guys sorry, I’m a dum–s:

I needed to use:

metalTexture = textureLoad(“metal07.bmp”, 0, GL_LINEAR, GL_LINEAR, GL_REPEAT);

and I was using:

metalTexture = textureLoad(“metal07.bmp”, 0, GL_REPEAT, GL_REPEAT, GL_LINEAR);

So my function was attempting to set MIN/MAG_FILTERs of GL_REAPEAT, and a wrap of GL_LINEAR. I guess that the error had already been cleared by the time I tried to use glGetError();

thanks to everyone who read this,