Problems rendering

I have 2 QGLWidgets in a QMainWindow inside a project I am developing using Qt 4.3 and OpenGL. The top of the 2 widgets shows a 2D “profile” view of one record of data. The bottom of the widgets shows a 3D view of all the records of data. Initially when you look at the bottom widget, you see a bunch of lines that run straight from left to right. But as you move the mouse, the bottom widget rotates about the x-axis making the z-values visible.

You begin to see the shape of the profile view in the top widget as the z-data for the selected record in the bottom widget is the y-data for the top widget and they share the same x-data. The data itself displays correctly, but when I try to add some “spanAnnotations” to my plots, they work fine on the top 2D widget, but not on the bottom 3D widget. I cannot figure out why this does not work and I was hoping somebody could see an error in my drawing code of the “spanAnnotations”.

 for( int i = 0 ; i < spanAnnotations.size( ) ; i++ )
      mpQgl->qglColor( spanAnnotations[i].color );

      // Style 0 is OPEN_BOTTOM
      if( spanAnnotations[i].style == 0 )
         glBegin( GL_LINE_STRIP );
            if( spanAnnotations[i].threeDimensional )
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].left, spanAnnotations[i].yThreeDimensionalData, spanAnnotations[i].bottom );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].left, spanAnnotations[i].yThreeDimensionalData, spanAnnotations[i].top );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].right, spanAnnotations[i].yThreeDimensionalData, spanAnnotations[i].top );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].right, spanAnnotations[i].yThreeDimensionalData, spanAnnotations[i].bottom );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].left, spanAnnotations[i].bottom, 0.0 );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].left, spanAnnotations[i].top, 0.0 );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].right, spanAnnotations[i].top, 0.0 );
               glVertex3f( spanAnnotations[i].right, spanAnnotations[i].bottom, 0.0 );
         glEnd( );
      } // end if( spanAnnotations[i].style == 0 )

I am currently only using open bottom spans so a span looks like:

|       |
|       |  

This goes around a specific area of data. Can anybody see anything wrong with this code, mainly the part where z != 0.0 for all 4 vertices. When z == 0.0, I only have 2D data. Thanks!

Another silly mistake by me. After taking a night off I came in refreshed and discovered I was adding my spanAnnotations to the wrong widget. I was adding the 3D items to the 2D plot, so obviously I wouldn’t see these items in the 3D object since they weren’t being added there. Thanks for your help anyways!