Problems rendering text with freetype


I am trying to render text using freeType library and following this tutorial. I am just getting black screen, without errors, but also without any text. If someone has few minutes to take a look at my repository I would greatly appreciate it. The most of the text related stuff is in Rectangle.cpp file.

read here about freetype

just jumping into it most often doesnt work, you need to read the text in order to understand what each function call actually does. copy&paste wont work either. check for errors and handle those after each function call. create a texture atlas that contains all glyph data. first read all possible glyphs widths & heights, accumulate the widths, create a 2D texture totalwidth x maxheight. then iterate again over each possible character, read the bitmap of it, send it to the correct texture position. you`re done. shutdown freetype (if you want) because your GL texture is what you need (for simple 2D text).

Thanks, I kind of figured it out.