Problems on MacIntel


I’ve got a basic C++ application using Qt with QtOpenGL module that works well on Linux, MSWindows and PPC-based MacOSX systems but that mainly fails on MacIntel MacOSX.

In fact, the glClearColor() call is honored: I may use different values and that change the background color but I can’t draw anything on the viewport : no lines, no polygons, …

I catch no error with glGetError().

The MacOSX bundle is compiled for Universal binary (ppc;i386 target). The application works quite normally for all other purposes (it does react to user events, …).

The 2 MacIntel boxes that refuses to behave correctly are Core2Duo based, the first one has a GeForce 7600GT, the other one has a Radeon HD2600. Both systems are running MacOSX 10.4.11. Qt’s version is 4.4.3.

Is there any known problem with these plateforms ?

Thanks in advance,


No problems on an iMac Core2Duo under 10.4.11 with Qt 4.4.3 (ATI X1600).

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