Problems in the initial compilation

Hi. I am a new OpenGL Beginner.

But when I try to make the first build of the source code, I have a Fatal Error in the Visual Studio C++ compilation. This is the error:

…/…/src/math/vector3.h(56) : fatal error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR
(compiler file ‘msc1.cpp’, line 1786)
Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
Error executing cl.exe.

I have the version 6.0 of Visual Studio Enterprise Edition, but I have no idea of the service pack.

Can anyone help me?


Hi !

The VC++ compiler does have some nasty bugs, most of the time this happens it’s because you have typed something wrong in the source code and it might get the compiler to crash instead of giving you an error message, take a look at the specified lines of code (I assume this is your own code) and check if you have made a mistake somewhere (forgot a ; or : somewhere maybe).

If you can’t find anything wrong, try to disable precompiled headers and incremental compilation and see if that helps.


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