Problems in texture space :(

I there!

im doing some research on per-pixel lighting stuff.
Im having a problem with specular highlights, it seems that as “i get away” from an object, the more brighter it becomes.
Im using dot3, and a normalization cube map, and i dont wanna use any register combiners stuff.
I use all math correctly (i think), im passing half-vector into 3d coordinates.
I’ve tried also passing half vector as per-vertex diffuse color, but this stupid problem persists.
Can anyone help me

(sorry for bad english)

Do u use Attenuation map on specular ?If not, u r using direction light :slight_smile:

Ops, forget to tell

light is in front of object (no ambient light), so when im close to object it’s back is black, but when i get away from object it becomes more and more brighter, it totally sucks ass