problem with TNT2 and glu32.dll

I have a problem that really annoys me.
I have a Pentium III with a Diamond Viper 770 (TNT2/32MB) and 128 mb RAM. I use Win 98 and
I wrote a small program wich uses MFC and calls within the rendering loop quadric functions.

When I start the program from the Explorer all seems to be fine. But when I start it from the VC IDE using the Debugger I get following:

“Unhandled Exception in opengl.exe(VPROGL.DLL): 0xC000001D:Illegal Instruction”

So I thought it could be the wrong driver version, I installed the NVidea Detonator 6.5 with the following result (same conditions):

“Unhandled Exception in opengl.exe(NVOPENGL.DLL): 0xC000001D:Illegal Instruction”

After I started my program some times using the Explorer I encountered another problem.

The general OpenGL frame rate got as worse as possible. A program (simple rotating earth with texture) run only at 30 fps , before it run at >300

The problem occured also by some other
programs that I compiled (not my own work).

I think a reason could be a mistake in the gul32.lib.

Hope someone can help me