problem with rotation

i have a ceiling fan model which i made myself and rendered it in opengles window now i wnt to rotate the ceiling fan which consists of vertices array which is fixed, so can anyone tell/guide about how to approach this prob.

my code for vertices of fan is something like below :

GLfloat Rotor[] = {

// strip I

-0.545f, 2.6f, 0.20f,
-0.495f, 2.6f, 0.0f,
-0.435f, 2.6f, 0.20f,
-0.485f, 2.6f, 0.0f,

}… So on…

so can anybody tell how to make these coordinates under rotor array rotate ?

and is the problem clear?

Thanks and regards,
Himanshu Sharma

and one more query?

can glMultMatrixf() be used for getting rotation effect?

done with the error :slight_smile:

well maybe try to get visit some technician to get fix your fan…

Fanimation fans

i never knew that people working in some ceiling fan making company are out here will call u definitely for fixing some ceiling fan motors don’t worry… :smiley: