Problem with OpenGL on ATI card

I have a ATI Pro Rage on board Graphics gard and am having major problems starting Quake 3. Every time I start I get the message GLW_StartopenGL() - Could not load OpenGL Subsystem.
I have downloaded new drivers for everything but still get it. I had received an email telling me to remove a line in a driver or something but have had to format my hard drive since them and lost it.
Please help I am desperate to play Quake again.

I too have an ATI graphics card, except mine is the 64 MB Radeon and having problems with counterstrike.
I put the settings on OpenGL support on counterstrike on the recommended resolution and at first, everthing is smooth. But the longer you play, the more jerky it becomes until it all goes completley funny. Countersrtike displays psychadelic things only hippies can see when trippin’ out.

I tried the Direct3D but that did something similar. I’ve installed the most recent tested drivers from ATI but nothings changed (it did the same thing when i tried the beta drivers). Ive reinstalled half-life and counterstrike twice now but to no effect.

I even tried just playing counterstrike on ‘software’ mode and the same thing happens again!

Intrestingly, this problem does not occur on half-life alone, only counterstrike. And counterstike i know uses more memory than half-life. I suspect something is going wonky with my memory (256 PC-2100 DDR).

And finally, I did not have have this problem before with the exact same settings and everything!!!

Could someone please tell me whats going on or as anyone else been having bother with ATI’s Radeon 64MB graphics card?

My system specs are: Asus A7M 266, 1000MHz, 256 PC-2100 DDR memory, Windows ME and a ATI Radeon 64MB (with all the correct drivers).

Any help is appreciated.


My mate always had problems with me and opengl!

I got a voodoo 3 card…can’t use openGL to play…gotta use directX…sucks **** with Counter strike…at lowest was like 3fps…anyone plz tell me how i can use openGL i wanna take advantage of my card…not to trash it

I get the same message, dude.
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem


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Now, I reinstalled every driver known to man. I tryed to play the new Wolfenstein running on the quake 3 engine. I set the resolution to the highest it went, just to see what it would look like. Then it screwed up and now i get this error.
PLEASE HELP!:open_mouth:

Y have a ATI Rage Xpert@Play98 and when i play F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter with OpenGL the frame rate is more low than 1FPS!!! If Opengl is desactivated i can’t see the textures and all is blue, but fps is normal. I have PIII 600 192 Ram and i can’t understan it…

“Countersrtike displays psychadelic things only hippies can see when trippin’ out.”

—Dammit…I have the same problem when playing Counter-strike. For some reason things like boxes look all colorfull and it really screws me up when playing CS.

I have an ATI Xpert 2000 Pro
…someone please help!

O yeah…one more thing…my menu in CS is very slow. For example: I stop playing and press ESC but it takes a while to get out of the game…and then it takes quite a while to press the buttons and get to my desktop.
…Does this have anything to do with my OpenGL settings? There are a bunch of buttons to set OpenGL but I have no clue what each on means.

Thanks in advance

Maybe it’s time that you guys got a clue that ATI drivers just suck, if not their chips. nVIDIA R0073S!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone I can think of in the OpenGL forums has an nVIDIA card, and is quite pleased with it. I have a GeForce2 GTS, and I have yet to be disappointed! Nothing about it fails my expectations, and with Detonator XP, omg is it ever so fast… :stuck_out_tongue: ATI cards rock, but only when you can get their crappy drivers to work right. nVIDIA’s drivers are mostly unified, meaning one driver works on all cards in a particular branch. The Detonator XP drivers work on any nVIDIA card equal to or newer than the TNT. Sweet enough? No? Well, good! nVIDIA drivers are real playthings, possessing tweaking ability that could almost impress God (don’t think about it, nor ask, I am personally an atheist :P) himself! EEE!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I paid $209 for my GTS 9 months ago, and I’m not the least bit sorry. I suppose I should leave my lame advertising there… lol. Or you guys could petition to ATI that they need to hire new driver coders :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, I’m snickering outside of my GeForce fortress… better come get me while you can! :P:P

And wouldn’t you know it; OpenGL on my GTS does better than D3D on every game I have played!

Things like this make me wish that there was a unified graphics interface that stored graphics drivers in an EEPROM or something that the computer can download from the card and use off of the bat. That would be the real peacebringer in the 3D graphics hardware world, bringing all manufacturers into a close-knit community, rather than a war zone, trying to beat one another. Let’s try to make cards as cheap as we can, but as good as we can, with as much profit as is reasonable. I know, I knwo, it’s utopic, but this is a possibility… although it would take years to make the full adjustment. It would almost require a complete redesign of the x86 architecture, but would it not be worth it? The x86 system is old, clunky, and slow. Let’s find something new to play with!

First of all, you guys with Quake 3 problems, search this board for Quake 3, and you’ll probably find an answer – I think that this was discussed, and it’s not a chipset specific problems.

You guys with ATI cards could go to and ask at the forums there (or at some other ATI fan site that you can find from the link there) – you’ll probably get better answers than asking here.

damn patches, you hit it right on the head, ATI cards are damn nice, but the Drivers suck so much they don’t work worth crap…

And wouldn’t you know it; OpenGL on my GTS does better than D3D on every game I have played!

as far as i’ve seen this goes for ATI cards also when the drivers work.

I keep getting “Your current video card does support the selected openGL mode” when ever I try to play counter strike. Counter Strike worked fine for over 8 months prior to this. I have reinstalled all drivers and updates but still get the same problem. I even tried a new video card but got the same error. I believe it has something to do with the windows registry and old unregistered drivers. (I’m running Win2K) However, tried everything I can think of with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried other message boards but no luck so far.