Problem with opengl -Its URGENT

Hi ,
I am using a glut window anf Fl_Gl_Window on a Fl_Window both the windows (glut and Fl_Gl_Window)being texture mapped with the same texture image.I have included operations in mouse handling events of both the windows(glut and Fl_Gl_Window) but functions which i have included in Fl_Gl_Window works only when i move the cursor over glut window.

i guess the problem is with the rendering context but not sure… can anyone help


So let me get this straight. You’re using GLUT of some from and something called the “Century Embedded Technologies Nano-X SDK” (what I got to when I searched for “Fl_Gl_Window”. You need to be more specific about what esoteric tools you’re using). And you expect them to work well together… why? Even though both of them are effectively doing the same thing (creating and managing an OpenGL window) and therefore could cause all kinds of problems when they try to interact?

Fl_Gl_Window is an OpenGL window opened by ‘Fltk’, which is a GUI design utility. I use it quite a bit. In fact I do most of my serious OpenGL in Fltk windows. The small, demo, programs I post on this forum are done with Glut windows. Not sure why the poster is mixing windows like this. Seems to me he’s making it hard on himself. For more on FLTK go to -

Thanks for the reply guys…

I would like to give some more details. which goes…
I have created a Fl_Window in which i have created a glut window
and in a corner i have created a Fl_Window subwindow on which i have created a Fl_Gl_Window which means i am trying to create 2 separate entities one of glut window and other a Fl_Gl_Window and i want them to operate separately but there seems to be some connection between them which is causing the problem.

To elaborate:
i am trying to draw a rectangle on the Fl_Gl_Window on Fl_Drag mouse event but until i drag on or move the cursor on the glut window the drag operation on the Fl_Gl_Window doesnt work…

I don’t know what could be the problem :frowning:

As explained above, if you want to use FLTK and OpenGL, do not use glut at all :

Thanks for the reply …
But i am struck with it and have to use glut with Fl_Gl_Window(its required).Is there anything i can do to avoid this problem.

No idea.