Problem with OpenGL/ES with Nokia S60 SDK v2.2


I had a problem running the example code for OpenGL/ES for Nokia S60 SDK. The code is descriped in the presentation by Vaarala in Khronos open university lectures (

In more details the program will crash when run on the emulator (I think removing iLabel from ::ConstructL then calling SetExtentToWholeScreen() which in turn calls ::SizeChanged causes this problem).

I would appreciate if anyone who managed to get the example running can let me know of the problems faced. It would also be helpful to point out any resources descriping a working GLES example on the Nokia’s emulator.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Did you remember to add the iGLInitialized shield to the SizeChanged function and ConstructL ?

ConstructL should have in the beginning:

iGLInitialized = EFalse;

and towards the end (after full EGL initialization):

iGLInitialized = ETrue;

SizeChanged should have:


I hope this helps,


Oh one more thing. Did you remember to cleanup the ConstructL, SizeChanged, ComponentControl, and CountComponentControl functions of the Label related stuff (as in the presentation) ?


It works now. Thank you very much for your help.

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