Problem with obtaining head pose using xrLocateViews on Meta Quest 3

When using xrLocateViews to obtain the head pose in Quest 3, the pose data in xrView does not change no matter how the head moves. I wonder if anyone else has encountered the same problem, or is this normal for Quest 3?

xrLocateSpace(headSpace, localSpace, frameState.predictedDisplayTime, &location);

When using xrLocateSpace to obtain the pose data in location, the pose data changes with the movement of the headset. Is this the real head pose data?

Are you sure you aren’t calling xrLocateViews() with the wrong base space? Like calling it against VIEW space would just return the pose of the eyes relative to the center of the head, and that wouldnt change frame-to-frame.

I am very sure and have checked that the values ​​used and substituted are correct.

You need to make sure that you’ve gotten to the right session state. You won’t get tracking data until you are in VISIBLE state.