Problem with mandrake 10.1 and ATI hw using glGenlists

I get a x server error (something about private call or data) when using glGenLists(255). Other gl calls work just fine.

I have mandrake 10.1 and an ATI hw.

Will check more info about driver etc tomorrow if you guys are interested and got any clues…

Back to work.

Here are some more details…

The x error…

X Error of failed request: GLXUnsupportedPrivateRequest
Major opcode of failed request: 144 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request: 16 (X_GLXVendorPrivate)
Serial number of failed request: 53
Current serial number in output stream: 55

Thge driver version

fglrx (BTW how do I check the version of that ?)

What version of gl do you have ? Did you ensure you link well with your gl libraries (A recent post had errors just because of that) ?

Does only GenLists (255) not working ? What about GenLists (254), and other ? Since how much does it fail ? Does GenLists (1) fails too ?

What is fglrx, the ATI gl drivers ?

fglrx is probably the ATI driver

I get
version 1.2 (1.4 Mesa 5.0.2)
Mesa GLX Indirect

Did you tried the other things I tell you to test ?

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