Problem with HDR textures.

I started adding support for .HDR textures but I’m not having much luck. when I try to show the texture (using a shader that just gets the fragment color from the texture) everything is black. I guess my problem relies on a lack of support for some feature in hardware or something like that. I’m trying to load a NPOT .HDR texture, 96 bits of depth(32bit RGB), the filtering is set to linear and I’m using anisotropic filtering.
I’m using the lastest drivers for my GF6800.

What could be wrong?

float textures dont support linear filtering, try nearest

float textures dont support linear filtering, try nearest
Yes they do. In NVIDIA hardware (NV40 and G70) they support linear, bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic…
Your probably confusing with ATI that doesn’t support filtering, even in their new cards…

Baggio: a million things could be wrong… :wink:

Well, as far as I know the NV40 only supports filtering for FP16 textures so I guess I will have to use nearest filtering. The problem with my app was that I was using the wrong format when I used glTexImage2D. I was using GL_RGB32F_ARB as both format and internalformat for glTexImage2D when I should have used it just for the internalformat and then GL_RGB for the format.

Does the GF6800 support 32-bit float filtering? I thought only 16-bit is supported.

No card supports FP32 filtering.

Forgot to mention that (and didn’t notice Baggio was trying to upload a 96 bit texture). :slight_smile:
There is only filtering for FP16 textures and limited do either 1, 2 or 4 channels I think…